In Memory Of

Houdini (Spike)

June, 2011

Houdini (AKA Spike) was a bearded collie. Like most herding dogs, he wanted to work, and he would take your hand in his mouth to lead you, or would nip at your heels. He used to live with a family with kids, and he would nip at them as they ran around the yard. They thought he was biting them and decided they didn't want to keep him anymore, so they arranged for him to come here.

Houdini's very thick fur usually had to be shaved off at least once a year so that he wouldn't be too uncomfortable in the hot weather.

His original name was Spike, but we usually called him Houdini due to his talent for jumping fences.

After living to a good old age, one of the volunteers felt lumps around Houdini's neck. It turned out that he had lymphoma. He no longer wanted to eat, and had to be put down. When Florence went with him to the vet for the final time, he reached up and licked her face.

He was always playful and often had a toy in his mouth

Jennifer gives Houdini a shave-and-a-haircut in the big sink