Hope sitting on the floor in the front room

Hope is a pure-bred German Shepherd. She was born unable to use her hind legs, and the breeder planned to euthanize her since she couldn't be sold. A couple of teenage sisters found out about her plight and took her in, but they couldn't keep her since their grandfather, who they were living with, didn't allow pets. For awhile they and their mom had to keep Hope hidden. She was around 5 weeks old when she arrived at Journey's End from Port Charlotte. She was in good health other than her disability, and she has beautiful soft, silky fur.

Hope is very sweet and playful. Her best friend is Daisy, who arrived just a couple of weeks before Hope. They often wrestle and play-bite, but they are constant companions. Soon they both got their doggy wheelchairs, and they love to run around with the other dogs outside.

Hope sitting on a blanket

Hope being petted by a teenage visitor

Hope getting some love and attention from a visitor

Hope the puppy next to Hope the baby

Hope the puppy shortly after she arrived, with baby Hope

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