In Memory Of


May, 2012

Holly got her name from the Holiday Inn where she was abandoned. Witnesses saw a struggle in a car and thought the people were trying to keep her from jumping out. Sadly, they were actually trying to push her out, and they drove away after they finally managed to do so.

The people at the Holiday Inn caught Holly and called Journey's End, and volunteer Michelle went to pick her up. She had apparently given birth recently, but no puppies were found nearby.

Holly used to live in the hallway with the big dogs. She was not as large as some of them, but she was very energetic and assertive, and she would spend much of her time battling Buddy for the role of alpha dog. She always tried to get to the front of the pack to get a person's attention.

After she got older, she lived with Buck and some of the other medium-sized dogs. She was always very sweet-natured and friendly, but she slowed down a bit. She had arthritis and moved more slowly.

We took Holly in for stem cell therapy to try to treat her arthritis. When the vet started to put her under anesthesia, she began turning blue, so they had to stop the treatment. They did an X-ray and found that her liver was out of the normal position and was pushing up against her lungs. They asked if she had ever been seriously injured, and we told them of her past. They said they wouldn't be able to do the stem cell therapy, but they continued treating her arthritis with laser therapy, since it didn't require anesthesia.

Eventually Holly developed inoperable cancer in her abdomen. When it began to interfere with her breathing, we had to have her put down, since it would have only gotten worse.