Henry lying on the jungle gym on the back patio of the Cat House

Henry is a feisty, middle-aged cat who lives in the Cat House. He is curious and not at all shy, and he will follow people around who he knows. He likes attention and petting, but he's not a lap cat, and he'll walk off as soon as he feels like it, or even try to scratch when he's had enough petting. He is very combative with the other cats, and will attack them aggressively if they get too close.

Henry has an odd habit of kicking one of his hind legs straight out behind him, especially if you do it first, as if he is copying you. He tends not to use a litter box, and likes to mark his territory every chance he gets. He seems to think visitors are part of his territory, and he will leave a warm, wet spot on visitors if he gets the chance.

Henry lying on the jungle gym on the back patio

Henry sitting on the arm of a chair on the front porch

Henry lying on a blanket indoors

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