In Memory Of


June, 2012

Gris (pronounced "gree") was a small domestic short hair cat. His name means "grey" in French.

Gris was found by some nurses at a hospital in DeLand. As a helicopter came in to land at the hospital, they saw a tiny grey kitten on the ground watching the helicopter land. They rescued him and brought him here.

He lived in the front room, where he could keep an eye on everything, often from the highest perch available. He was always extremely shy with people, and would run off if approached. He didn't interact with the other cats or with the dogs. He wasn't really afraid of them, but he wasn't friendly with them either.

We tried to keep Gris indoors, but he got out at least twice. At first he didn't want to come back inside, and we weren't able to catch him. Florence had to leave food for him outdoors, in one case for 2 weeks. Both times he came back inside on his own when the door was opened.

Gris lived to be over 12 years old. He eventually started to get thin, then suddenly got bloated. We took him to the vet, and it turned out he had cancer, so he had to be put down.

Gris on a perch near the ceiling