Gretel the Nubian doe

Gretel is a Nubian goat (a type of dairy goat) who used to live in a barn in a rural area with other animals. One night, 2 or 3 dogs got into the barn and attacked the animals. They killed all the chickens, a Nigerian Dwarf doe, and Gretel's one and only baby, who was around a year old.

Gretel's left ear was mangled in the attack, and she also was bitten on her right side and back. With veterinary care and 4 shots a day by her owner, the wounds on her side and back healed over, although her ear will always be misshapen. When one of the dogs came back and tried to attack her again, her owner brought her inside to keep her safe. After much searching, she was able to find a home for Gretel at Journey's End.

Gretel was 3 years old when she arrived. She is gentle, sweet, and friendly. She gets along well with the other goats and the sheep Banjo. She holds her own with Sherlock and doesn't let him push her around.

Gretel comes to the fence

Gretel is very friendly and tame

Gretel by the shelter

Gretel resting in the shade

Gretel and Sherlock

Gretel and Sherlock

Gretel at her former home

Gretel at her former home, before coming to Journey's End

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