In Memory Of


September, 2013

Gracie was born with birth defects that caused her to be blind and deaf. She was living on the streets in nearby DeLeon Springs as a community dog. A couple found her and asked around, but since no one claimed her, they took her in. They had her for a few weeks but were unable to keep her, so they found her a home at Journey's End, when she was around 4 or 5 months old.

Gracie got around very well, and you wouldn't have guessed she was blind and deaf. When she first arrived, she would run around at full speed, often knocking over any people or dogs in her path. She had a lot of personality, and wasn't at all shy. She was always very active and playful and loved mischief. She loved to lead Charley around by tugging on the kerchief around his neck. One Halloween, volunteer Connie put orange kerchiefs on most of the dogs... but it didn't take long before Gracie had pulled off every one of them.

Gracie eventually was diagnosed with diabetes, and passed away shortly afterwards, possibly from complications of the diabetes.

Gracie pulls Charley, while Allie looks on

Kyle gets a kiss from Gracie

Gracie gets a kiss from Florence