In Memory Of


August, 2015

Grace appeared in February together with her 3 kittens in the back yard of a home in New Jersey. It had been a bitterly cold winter, and there was a lot of snow on the ground. A kind resident began putting out food for the cats, and after a few days she was able to catch 2 of the kittens. A few days later, she was able to trap the mother cat, Grace. The third kitten was missing and may have been caught by foxes.

Grace was just skin and bones when she was brought inside. It must have been a very hard time for her to have kittens in the cold weather, and to nurse the kittens and find food for herself.

When Grace was taken to the vet to be checked over and spayed, the vet found she was in good health, although she was FIV-positive. She estimated Grace was around 1 year old.

The kittens were sweet and friendly and were soon adopted. Grace was very shy and would hiss a lot at first, but after a few weeks she seemed more at ease with her rescuers. She seemed to have no trouble making the long plane flight that eventually brought her to Journey's End.

Grace lived in the Cat House. She was always shy, and would run off if approached. We talked to her and tried to befriend her. She was usually up on the cat-walks up near the ceiling, but sometimes she would venture onto the front porch.

Grace in New Jersey, before coming to Journey's End

Grace's kittens, Heidi and Hans, shortly before being adopted