In Memory Of


October, 2012

Goofy was a large, lanky bluetick hound. When he arrived, he went around sniffing and kissing every dog and human in sight, so he got the name Goofy. He was big and clumsy, but friendly and happy.

Goofy had been taken to a vet to be put down by some people who said they found him in the woods. He was blind in one eye, and was going blind in the other. He was estimated to be around 8 years old. He had heartworms, and hadn't yet been neutered. The vet did not want to put him down, and arranged for him to come to Journey's End.

At first we thought Goofy's vision problems were caused only by cataracts. The plan was for him to have surgery to remove the cataracts in his good eye as soon as he finished his heartworm treatment. But a diagnostic test at a vision specialist revealed that his retinas were almost completely gone, so surgery for the cataracts wouldn't help.

Despite being almost blind, Goofy got around very well by using his sense of smell. He also developed what the vet suspected was Alzheimer's, as he often seemed to forget where he was. This unfortunately meant he made a lot of messes on the floor, since he wouldn't wait to go outside. He eventually had trouble sitting up or standing, and had to be put down.

Florence and Goofy

Volunteer Connie with Goofy and Zachary