In Memory Of


December, 2006

Goldie was 2 or 3 years old when she came to Journey's End. A couple of nice men saw her in a convenience store parking lot, walking up to people and wagging her tail, but people were trying to kick her away because she looked so horrible. She had no fur, and all her skin was exposed and oozing badly. The men took her to Journey's End, and Florence (fearing contagion) sent her right to the animal E.R.

Goldie then spent three weeks at the vet's clinic, after it was learned she had a non-contagious form of mange and an infection so bad that it's a miracle she was even alive. The infection had spread throughout her body, and even her eyes were infected.

The vet did not think she would live long, but she went on to live 7 happy years at Journey's End. She even grew a full coat back for much of that time (with intermittent flare-ups of the mange that were treated as they happened). She learned how to be a dog again and do all of those things that she loved to do, like give kisses, play with toys, stick her face in the sprinkler, and snooze. With such a playful and thankful spirit, she would often tug a person's shirt to play fetch or to get a good rub behind the ears.