Gizmo standing on his hind legs, looking thru the fence

Gizmo came to Journey's End as a young adult, less than a year old. He belonged to a girl and her mother, who briefly volunteered with us. They told us that the girl's father didn't want to keep Gizmo. They said they wanted to leave him with us for just a couple of weeks, but they never came back for him.

Gizmo is a very large, friendly cat who is in good health. He is active and curious. He usually can be found on a chair on the Cat House porch by the front door, or on the back patio. He is easy-going and gets along well with everyone. However, he is very territorial about "his" place on the chair on the front porch and will swat at and chase away any other cats who dare to sit there.

Gizmo on his favorite chair on the front porch

Gizmo in his favorite spot, on the Cat House porch by the front door

Gizmo on a blanket indoors

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