Gitty in her wheels on the lawn

Gitty is a shih tzu mix who was adopted as a young dog by her owner and her daughter from a humane society in Tampa. Her name comes from a Gaelic expression "giota beag", meaning "little bit". One day her owner found that Gitty was unable to use her hind legs. The vet was unsure of the cause, and said it couldn't be determined without extensive testing, which the family would have had a hard time affording. They made her a wheelchair and Gitty got around fairly well, keeping her happy and energetic personality.

Gitty eventually came to us at 5 years old, after her owner fell ill with cancer and could no longer care for her. (She has since passed away.) We took Gitty to a specialist, who said her back problem was due to a fracture and that nothing could be done for it, but that she wasn't in any pain. She got a new wheelchair from Doggon' Wheels, and she adapted to it right away.

Gitty was a little shy and nervous at first, and would look sideways at you and bark if you approached. But she soon seemed to feel at ease and she lost her shyness. She is very high-energy and enjoys running and playing with the other dogs, and she soaks up all the attention that she can get.

Gitty in her wheels on the front patio

Gitty running in her wheels on the sidewalk

Gitty is often a blur of motion when she runs in her wheels

Gitty running in her wheels

Gitty looking sideways with her nervous look

Gitty with her sideways look when she's a little nervous or unsure

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