Ginger standing on the front porch of the Cat House

Ginger and Fluffernutter used to live outside with a group of cats at an apartment complex in Orlando. For several years, a kind lady who lived at the complex fed them, and made sure they were spayed and neutered and had regular vet care. The apartment management company was very supportive, but eventually a new management company was hired, and they insisted the cats had to be removed.

Some of the cats were adopted, but Ginger, Fluffer, and some of the others seemed too shy to be adoptable. However, they were not truly feral and were too tame to be relocated to a feral colony, so the lady who was caring for them arranged for Ginger and Fluffer to come to Journey's End. She was estimated to be around 6 years old when she arrived, and was in good health.

Ginger seemed to immediately feel at ease as soon as she arrived at Journey's End. She was shy at first and she still does not approach people, but she now enjoys petting and attention from people she knows. She is almost always on the front porch or in the front room of the Cat House, often in a cat tower.

Ginger under the cat tower

Ginger lying on the front porch

Ginger on the front porch of the Cat House

Ginger in a cat tower

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