Gabriel standing in the back yard

A man was heading out of his house in DeLand to go to work, and he found Gabriel lying against his front door. He was thin, his paws were bloody, and he had skin sores. The man called Animal Control and the police, but no one responded, so he eventually called Journey's End. We took Gabriel to the vet, and they found he was heartworm negative and in fairly good health, other than being undernourished. He was around 1 year old when found.

Gabriel is very strong and full of energy. He loves to run around the yard. Once he pushed his way into the Cat House by knocking people out of his way, and began running loose chasing the cats until we could catch him.

We tried placing Gabriel in a foster home with a family with children, but they returned him after a couple of days, saying he was too much for them to handle. He seemed depressed after being returned, but after a few days he regained his spirit and seems to be happy again. He lives in one of the back rooms.

Gabriel standing and barking

Gabriel at the vet's office

Gabriel being checked out at the vet's office before coming to Journey's End

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