Freida standing on the tile floor

Freida used to belong to an elderly man who lived in Holly Hill. After he passed away, Freida came to Journey's End. She had fleas and was a little anemic, but otherwise was in good health. She was estimated to be 6 to 10 years old when she arrived.

Freida has short, soft fur with very unusual markings. She may be a Snowshoe and calico mix.

At first Freida lived in an all-cats room in the main house, but now she lives in the Cat House. She is very curious and friendly, and likes attention and being petted. She gets along well with the other cats.

Freida stretched out on the wooden chest

Freida standing on the cat tower

Freida sitting on a stack of canned food

Freida sitting in the window at the vet's office

Freida in the vet's office before coming to Journey's End. She is very curious and checked out the entire room.

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