In Memory Of


May, 2007

Freeman was a sweet old guy, with floppy jowls and a deep WOOF. He was abandoned by his family at an old age. We only wish he had been with us a longer time to enjoy his good life here, but he developed a degenerative bone disease where he couldn't even hold himself up, and had to be put down so he wouldn't suffer.

Freeman's Poem
by Florence Thuot

My new name is Freeman, and I'm a good old boy.
I was thrown away like a child's broken toy.
What did I do wrong? Where did I fail?
I'm gentle and sweet, with a nice waggy tail.
But I'm old and creaky — can't run anymore.
Is that the reason I was shown the door?

Now that's all behind me, since I found new friends,
With blankies, good food — oh, the love never ends!
They'll keep me forever, my days filled with glory.
Thanks for your time and for reading my story.
Please come to see us; I'll be here to greet you.
A hug would be awesome! I'm waiting to meet you!

(from the December, 2006 newsletter)