In Memory Of

Foxy Lady

December, 2015

Foxy Lady in a cat bed

Foxy Lady was taken in by a rescuer from a local humane society, where she was slated for euthanasia. We don't know her background before she ended up at the humane society. She was fostered for awhile and was called Mamacita before finding a home at Journey's End. She was pretty sickly when she first arrived, and had to be given fluids. The vet estimated she was around 18 years old when she arrived.

Foxy Lady regained her health, but she was always very thin. She moved pretty slowly, no doubt due to her age, and she tended to stay in one place once she settled in. She was sweet and friendly and liked attention. She lived in an all-cats room in the main house.

Foxy Lady in the big cat bed

Foxy Lady on the blanket