Fluff on the jungle gym on the back patio

Fluff is a large long-haired cat who is deaf. A couple in DeLand had taken him in after he showed up one day in their yard. Their 3 other cats didn't accept Fluff...he didn't act like them, possibly because of his deafness, and they were all stressed. The couple gave Fluff to an acquaintance, but he moved out of the area after a year and gave Fluff back to them, so he finally found a home at Journey's End.

We don't know if Fluff was born deaf or if he lost his hearing due to another cause like an infection or injury. He was middle-aged when he arrived. He has always had a problem with allergies, and is still being treated, but otherwise he is in good health.

At first Fluff was bullied by the other cats in the Cat House, and we had to keep him in a cage for his own safety. After a few days, he seemed to be more at ease, and when we let him out, he explored the Cat House and made himself at home. He is friendly if you approach him and seems to welcome attention and petting, but he usually doesn't approach on his own.

Fluff curled up, sound asleep

Being deaf, Fluff is a very sound sleeper

Fluff on the cat tower

Fluff napping in the windowsill

Fluff naps in the windowsill of the Cat House kitchen window, while Tinkerbell sits outside

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