In Memory Of


March, 2015


Fluff and her mother Missy were feral cats who were taken in by a lady who cared for them for around 3 years. Fluff was just a kitten when she was rescued. Eventually the lady developed health problems, and had to move away. A friend of hers was a volunteer at Journey's End, and brought Missy and Fluff here.

Fluff was always shy, although she wasn't as wild as Missy. She would usually be found in the open, while Missy often stays up on the cat walks near the ceiling. Fluff would let us pet her, although she didn't seek out attention. She and Missy didn't seem to be close and did not usually hang out together.

Fluff eventually was found dehydrated in one of the cat trees, and the vets said she had to be put down. They said a feral cat will often hide sickness until it is too late. She seemed fine a couple of days prior and was outdoors on the enclosed patio.

Fluff on the back patio

Fluff in a cat bed