In Memory Of


July, 2013

Fire (full name: Fuel the Fire) came from a large farm in Ocala. He was once a well-known dressage horse and won over a dozen national awards. Like many such horses, he trained and performed constantly. He started to go lame and couldn't perform or be ridden, so his owner no longer wanted to keep him. Luckily he found a second life here at Journey's End.

Fire's former owner came several months later to see him in his new home. Although the man was only in his 50's, he passed away from natural causes shortly after visiting Fire. Several of his friends told us that he was really happy to see what a great home Fire had here, and that they were glad he came to visit before he passed away.

Fire was an easygoing horse who got along well with people and with the other horses. He was also pretty clever. He figured out how to open the double latches on all the gates, including the one to his stall, and sometimes he would let Amber out of her stall, too.

Fire lived to be 29 years old. One day he kept lying down, and we had to do everything to get him back on his feet. The vet came to treat him, and later Florence stayed up thru the night to watch him. Around 2:30am she called the vet back because Fire was moving as if he were in pain. The vet said he most likely had fatty tumors entangled with his intestines, and there was no way to save him, so she ended his suffering.