In Memory Of


November, 2012

A gentleman from Florida was on his way to run errands one day. Traveling down the highway, he noticed what he thought were two dead dogs laying in the median and thought to himself, "What a terrible shame." On the way home from his errands, he saw one of the dogs sitting up and immediately pulled over. He found "Faithful", faithfully guarding his dead brother as he watched him being eaten away by maggots.

The gentleman struggled to get Faithful into his truck, as he didn't want to leave his brother. He said that Faithful looked out the back window and whimpered the entire time as they drove away.

After driving to various shelters and making a lot of calls, his rescuer found a home for him at Journey's End. He told the story of Faithful's rescue in his Orlando Sentinel article.

Faithful seemed to adjust to his new home, although he was always shy. He lived in one of the back rooms with his best friend Paddy and some of the other dogs.

Faithful lived to a very old age. He developed laryngeal paralysis, which the vet said there were no easy treatments for. Eventually he had trouble eating, and was taken to the vet. The vet said his heartbeat was very faint, and he was starting to slip away, so he was put down.

Faithful (left) and Paddy