Elvis sitting on the edge of the table, with his tongue sticking out as usual

Elvis is a small, middle-aged cat who lives in the Cat House. He came here as a young adult. He is easy to recognize because his tongue always sticks out, probably due to some missing teeth. He is in good health and has soft, silky fur.

Elvis is very friendly and outgoing. He will approach anyone who comes into the Cat House to seek attention and petting. If you sit on a bench, he will try to get into your lap, even if another cat is already there. If you approach a table or countertop, he will jump up in front of you. If you go on the back porch, he will follow. He gets along well with the other cats, although some of them get irritated because he will try to get in front of them to get attention.

Elvis sitting on the cat tower

Elvis about to jump off the cat tower

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