In Memory Of


June, 2014

Elvis was a Walker Hound who was found along a road in DeLand by the husband of a Journey's End staff member. He was extremely thin and his legs were covered in mud. We are guessing he might have gotten stuck in a retention pond. He was a little wild and was not well-behaved on a leash, but he was never aggressive, and he reached up up to lick the face of the vet tech who bathed him at the vet's office.

At first we had to feed Elvis small meals 5 times a day, so he wouldn't gorge himself on too much food at once. He would scarf his food, but soon he learned to slow down and eat more normally. He gained around 30 pounds in his first month here. Unlike some of our other formerly-hungry dogs, he never became food-aggressive.

Elvis was a very high-energy, playful dog. If he was inside, he wanted to run out the front door, and if he was outside, he wanted to run in. He was very friendly and loved meeting visitors. He had a mischievous streak and loved to untie people's shoelaces. When Weezer arrived, they instantly became best friends and often ran and played together.

Elvis told his story in our August, 2013 newsletter.

Sadly, he was only here for less than a year when he developed lymphoma and had to be put down. We'll always remember his friendly spirit and larger-than-life personality.

Elvis on the day he arrived (after being bathed)

Elvis the day after he arrived, waiting for his dinner

Elvis unties the shoelaces of a young visitor