DJ on a cat tower in the Cat House

DJ used to live outside in a colony of around 15 cats in Orange City. A lady was feeding them, but she moved away, and one of her neighbors took over. He took in 2 of the cats himself, and found homes for at least 7 or 8 of the others. He saw that DJ had a leg injury, although he was using the leg and acting as if nothing was wrong. The man arranged for him to come to Journey's End so he would have a safe home and get the medical treatment he needed.

The vet found that DJ's leg was broken in 4 places, possibly from getting hit by a car. He operated and stabilized the leg with pins and plates. We had to keep DJ in a cage during his recovery, which he wasn't too happy about.

DJ is very friendly and affectionate. He was not at all feral and must have been cared for in a home at some point. He had no trouble adjusting to living in the Cat House, and he gets along well with people and with the other cats.

DJ recovering from his broken leg

DJ temporarily lived in a cage while recovering from his broken left hind leg

DJ gets a chin rub

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