In Memory Of


April, 2013

Ditto was a small mixed breed dog, estimated to be 3 or 4 years old when he arrived. A school crossing guard noticed him hanging around a schoolyard in Ormond Beach in the wintertime. She kept an eye on him for awhile, and when she saw he had nowhere to go, she took him home with her. He had no collar or microchip, so she asked around and ran advertisements in the newspaper, but no one claimed him.

Ditto was unneutered when he was found, but he was in good health. He had very soft fur and always looked and acted like a puppy. He had a lot of energy and loved running around outside. He was very friendly with people and always ran down the driveway to check out any visitors. He got along with the other dogs and cats and was very well behaved.

The people at the vet's office originally called him Buddy, but since we already had Buddy, we renamed him Ditto.

Ditto and Louie

Petey (left), Ditto, Taz (rear), Bailey, and Merlin