In Memory Of


March, 2009

Dessa (AKA Dessa Rose) was estimated to be 8 to 10 years old when she came to Journey's End, already quite old for a Great Dane. She enjoyed more than 2 good years here.

She was a purebred and had been used for breeding in her past life, and had many litters of puppies. After her owner died, she was scheduled to be put down, but a family member arranged for her to come to Journey's End instead.

Dessa had previously lived outside. When she arrived here, her ribs were showing, and she had heartworms, intestinal parasites, a skin infection, and thick calluses on her skin from sitting on concrete in a pen all the time.

Her health quickly improved with treatment, and she put on some healthy weight. She loved to explore, and was headstrong but gentle. She ran in circles and jumped around almost like a puppy when Florence brought out the box of dog treats.

Destiny with Dessa