Dede is a large hound who was found wandering just up the road from Journey's End. She started to follow a man who was out walking, and he asked us if she was our dog. She wasn't, but Florence agreed to take her in.

Dede was thin and her feet were blistered, and within a day of arriving she started to get tick paralysis and was unable to move. Our vet tech Lou Ann bathed her and removed 100-200 ticks. We estimate Dede had been wandering on her own for at least 5 to 7 days, because it takes that long for tick paralysis to set in. We estimate she was around 8 years old when she arrived. She had no tags or microchip, and had probably been abandoned.

Dede is very sweet and outgoing, and instantly makes friends with any people or dogs she meets. She is active and loves to explore and follow her nose outside, although she has slowed down a bit as she has gotten older.

Dede follows a scent while Sara looks on

Dede and Sara

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