Danny sitting on the pool table

Danny was born with deformed hind legs. She can't put weight on them, but she can get around by pulling herself along with her front legs. Sometimes she even lifts her rear legs off the ground and walks on her 2 front legs, as if she's doing a handstand. She is unable to use a litterbox, so she needs frequent baths to keep her clean.

Danny was one of three kittens from the same litter who were put up for adoption at a local animal hospital. Her two siblings were adopted, but no one wanted to adopt Danny, so she found her home at Journey's End. She was named after Lt. Dan in the movie Forrest Gump.

Journey's End animals normally don't live in cages, but Danny spends part of her time in a cage to keep her safe, since she could be injured if she fell off a table, or could be bitten if she stumbled into a dog. She is taken out of the cage whenever possible. She likes exploring on her own, and she likes to be taken outside.

Danny likes being held and she has a nice purr, but she's very independent and sometimes will bite if you pick her up when she's busy exploring, or if you try to put her back in her cage before she's ready.

Danny as a kitten

Danny as a kitten, shortly after she arrived

Danny as a kitten

Danny as a kitten

Danny in the grass

Dawn gives Danny a bath

Vet tech Dawn gives Danny a bath in lukewarm water

Danny walking on her 2 front legs

Danny sometimes gets around by walking on her 2 front legs

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