Daisy on a blanket

Daisy is a young pit mix. Her owner was building a dog house for her and dropped a large plank of wood on her, breaking her back. They took her to a vet in Edgewater, but left her there. The people at the vet's office contacted Journey's End about taking her in. She was around 5 months old when she arrived. She wasn't spayed yet, but other than her back problem she was in good health.

Daisy is very playful and energetic. Her best friend is Hope, who arrived at Journey's End shortly after Daisy did. Before Daisy got her doggy wheelchair, she got around by hopping along on the floor, making a thumping noise as she went. She took to the wheels right away and started running around outside as fast as she could go. She is very friendly and loves attention, but she seems to enjoy blocking your path if you try to walk by, as if she doesn't want you to go.

Daisy lying on a blanket, with a red toy in her mounth

Daisy and Hope tugging on a purple toy

Daisy and Hope playing tug-of-war

Daisy resting her paw on a visitor's hand

A visitor holds Daisy

Three teenage girls playing with Skippy, Daisy, and Hope

Teenage visitors playing with Skippy (left), Daisy, and Hope

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