In Memory Of


November, 2014

Daisy looking over the lower half of the French door

Daisy was a Dalmatian who was found tied to a lamp post by a couple in Altamonte Springs. She was still a young dog and had been recently spayed. The couple said they waited there with Daisy for hours but no one ever came back to get her.

Daisy grew into an enormous dog. She lived in the back kitchen with some of the large hounds. She had a very loud bark and would aggressively challenge anyone she didn't know who dared to come into the kitchen, and she would sometimes even nip at them. But she was sweet and friendly with people she knew. She almost never slept on the floor or on the dog beds, but only on top of the kitchen tables.

Daisy eventually developed a couple of masses in her abdomen, and one of them was malignant. She had surgery, and her spleen had to be removed. The vets thought she probably had some months left, but we found her passed away one morning, probably from the cancer.

Daisy on top of the kitchen table

Daisy on top of the table, where she preferred to sleep