Daffy in the playpen, with her big green eyes

Daffy was rescued from a feral colony near Orlando when she was around 7 or 8 weeks old. The lady who fed the cats in the colony saw that Daffy was badly injured. She could barely walk, and she dragged one of her hind legs straight behind her.

The vet found that Daffy had a broken femur and shattered pelvis. She thought Daffy might have been kicked or stepped on, since she probably wouldn't have survived if she had been hit by a car. The only treatment was to keep her in a cage temporarily to let her injuries heal. There was concern that if she had nerve damage to her leg, the leg would eventually need to be amputated, as was the case with Precious.

We took her out of the cage frequently to hold her. She loved being held and purred a lot, although at first she would soon want to go back into the cage, as if she felt safer there. She quickly began to heal, and after a couple of months, she had completely recovered and no longer needed to stay in the cage.

Daffy is sweet and friendly, and she seems to have no memory of her trauma. She is very energetic and playful, and she darts around the front room at high speed. She has always liked feathers and other toys, and she often play-fights with the other cats, especially Casper. But she and Casper are also very affectionate with each other and often share a cat bed.

Daffy with her injured leg, shortly after she arrived

Her right hind leg dragged behind her and she couldn't
put weight on it (about a week after she arrived)

Daffy stretched out over a cat bed

A rare moment of rest

Casper and Daffy playing

Casper (left) and Daffy

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