Curley was one of 6 chicks hatched in a 5th grade science class. He had trouble hatching, and his egg was too small, which caused his feet to be curled. He also is blind, and the science teacher spent a lot of time training him to find food and water by tapping on the floor of the cage to lead him to it. He was given a lot of care and attention by the teacher and students to socialize him.

After arriving at Journey's End, Curley was fitted with custom orthopedic boots to try to straighten out his claws. They may have helped for awhile, but his claws are still curled. He is able to walk very well, though, and he gets around well enough in the yard. He occasionally chases people, probably by following their sounds, and will sometimes peck at their legs.

At first we thought Curley was a hen, but he grew a comb and began crowing, so there's no doubt he's a rooster. He spends a lot of time outdoors every day so he can be with the other roosters and hens, but he sleeps inside at night in a cage for his own safety. He grew up to be a very large rooster, probably our largest.

Curley tells his story in our August, 2013 newsletter. The story of his hatching and early life in the science class is on the Science is Groovy facebook page.

Curley in custom boots to straighten his claws

Florence takes Curley to Dr. Priehs for a vision exam

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