In Memory Of


July, 2014

Cupcake used to live outside at a trucking company near Journey's End. The people who worked there helped us by delivering our dog food at cost. Eventually the company decided to close that location, and the people there were concerned that no one would be around to feed Cupcake, so they asked us if we would take him in.

At first the people at the company thought that Cupcake was a pregnant female, probably because of the loose skin under his belly. They looked everywhere for kittens, but none could be found. They took him to the vet before bringing him to Journey's End, and it turned out he was a neutered male. We thought about renaming him to something more "macho" than Cupcake, but everyone already knew him by that name, and somehow it seemed to fit him.

We tried putting Cupcake in the Cat House, but he hated it. He would growl and hiss and attack the other cats, and would escape every chance he got. Eventually we were able to get him used to being in the front room, but he was still allowed to go outside, where he was happiest. He usually liked to hang out in the parking lot. He loved petting and was very sweet and friendly, as long as we didn't try to bring him inside when he didn't want to go.