In Memory Of


March, 2008

Cupcake, along with her sisters Muffin and Bambi, were owned by an elderly lady in Deltona. She could no longer live alone, so her family came to take her back up north to live with them. The dogs were left behind in the yard, with a porch for shelter, and a relative was coming by to feed them. After some weeks, he contacted Journey's End for help.

When Florence got there, they were pawing and jumping at the glass door and leaving marks on the glass to get to her. They had gone wild and were starved for attention. They were hyperactive in the car and clawed at Florence the whole time, even as she got lost on the way home. She slept on the kitchen floor with them that first night to keep them company. By the next day, they had calmed down and were fine from that point on.

Cupcake had hip surgery soon after she arrived, when she was a few years old, and did well until she was almost 17. But the arthritis in her back got so bad that some of the bones were fused, and she couldn't walk, so it was time to end her suffering. She was sweet and friendly until the end.