In Memory Of


March, 2011

Creamsicle was taken in as a young adult by a lady who runs a rescue in the DeLand area. Her upper lip had a minor deformity that at first appeared to be a cleft palate, but turned out to have been caused by mouth ulcers. The rescue group was unable to get her adopted because of her appearance, despite her outgoing personality and beautiful medium length fur, so she found a home at Journey's End.

Creamsicle was friendly with people and lived in the front room of the house. She usually got along with the other cats and dogs, but sometimes she could be a little bit of a bully with the other cats.

In her later years, Creamsicle had thyroid problems, which she received treatment for. She got quite thin and her fur became pretty scruffy, but she was still friendly and popular with visitors and often greeted them in the front yard.

One day, she came inside with very shallow breathing. Florence called the vet and arranged to take her in, but by the time she went to get Creamsicle, she had already passed away in her sleep.