In Memory Of


August, 2014

Cosette was a very friendly, medium-hair tortiose-shell kitty who was abandoned. She loved lap time, and would stay in your lap as long as you let her. She would often try to climb into the arms or onto the shoulders of anyone who petted her, and she could be hard to set down because she would hold on with her claws. She lived in the front room, where she would try to make friends with visitors.

Cosette was usually very easygoing, but the one thing that made her angry is if you stopped petting her. She would often take a swat at your hand if you stopped paying attention to her, or if you started to walk away.

Cosette lived to be very old. She was named after a character in Les Miserables by Florence's late husband Paul, who passed away in 1994. Cosette was already a young adult then, so she must have been at least 21 years old when she passed. She eventually went blind in her right eye and got thin in her last few years, but otherwise was in good health. One night she lay down beside Florence on the couch, and soon Florence noticed that Cosette had passed away.

Cosette keeping cool in the bathroom sink