Cookie lying on the tile floor

Cookie and her kitten Oreo were found in a lady's yard in Deltona. Oreo had gotten trapped behind the wheel of a wheelbarrow in a shed. He couldn't get out, and Cookie was nearby, crying for him.

After the lady freed Oreo from his predicament, she saw he had trouble walking. The vet later found he has neurological problems, similar to Iris, where he has trouble with balance and muscle coordination. He is very unsteady, and stumbles and wobbles when he tries to walk. That explained why he couldn't free himself from behind the wheelbarrow.

Both cats were wild, and Cookie had to be trapped. They were soon brought to Journey's End. Oreo was estimated to be 3 to 4 months old when he arrived. He had a bad reaction when he got his shots, but he quickly recovered.

Cookie and Oreo live in an all-cats room in the main house. At first they were both pretty shy, but they have become quite friendly. Oreo is very active and playful and doesn't let his disability slow him down.

Cookie and her son Oreo eating from a bowl

Cookie and her son Oreo sharing a meal

Cookie sitting on the cat tower

Cookie has 6 toes on her front paws

Cookie and Casper on different levels of the cat tower

Cookie and Casper

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