In Memory Of


February, 2010

Colonel was found on the side of a road. The people who live nearby said dogs are often abandoned there because it is on the way to the Humane Society.

Colonel had a dry eye condition that the vets said there was no treatment for, and he was nearly blind. He was a small guy, but he lived with the big dogs, since he didn't get along with his fellow small dogs. He used to instantly snarl and bare his teeth at the big dogs if they got too close, but a second later he would calm down and go back to his nap. He spent most of his time sleeping as he got older.

Colonel was not a friendly dog. He would tolerate being talked to, but he didn't like to be touched, petted, or groomed. He would growl and bare his teeth if anyone tried to pet him. It seemed pretty clear from his behavior that he had been abused at some point in his past life.

Colonel lived to be very old (we thought he would live forever), and finally was put down after he began having problems standing.