Clementine by the fence

Clementine originally came from Canada, where she was used to produce a hormone (Premarin) for human use, like Lucy. To produce the hormone, she was kept pregnant, and had at least 13 foals that were taken from her. She was rescued and brought to a large property in Seville. Eventually the property was sold, and Clementine was left behind and was supposed to be cared for by the new occupants. The owner came back and saw that she was neglected and hungry, and arranged for her to come to Journey's End.

Clementine's original name was Bunny. She was 26 years old when she arrived at Journey's End. She is half Clydesdale and half quarterhorse.

Clementine is sweet and friendly. She gets along well with the other horses, and likes to come to the fence to get treats from people. We were told that she doesn't like men, but she immediately took to staff member Dale. She seemed to have no trouble adapting to her new home.

Clementine in the pasture

Clementine in front of the horse stalls

Lucy and Clementine in the pasture

Lucy (left) and Clementine

Clementine and her caretaker Dale

Clementine with her favorite person, Dale

Clementine taking a carrot from a visitor

Clementine accepts a carrot from a visitor

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