In Memory Of


July, 2014

Cinco and his siblings Uno and Tres were abandoned as kittens in an animal carrier at the end of a driveway, along with their mother and their other siblings Dos and Cuatro. All of them were very sick. Dos and Cuatro soon passed away, and the mother cat also passed away after a couple of months, despite medical treatment.

Uno, Tres, and Cinco recovered from their sickness and lived in the Cat House. They usually didn't hang out together.

Cinco was the smallest of the siblings. He could often be found on the back patio. He wasn't pushy, but he was talkative.

He was also known as Grumpy due to his facial appearance, but that didn't describe his personality at all. He was very sweet, and he loved attention and petting. He slept a lot as he got older, but he would always wake up if he heard the voice of someone he knew, and he would get up and walk across a room to be with them.

He eventually became ill and spent almost a week in the veterinary hospital. At first it looked like he was improving, but it became clear he was going downhill and he had to be put down. The vet suspected it was cancer but couldn't confirm it without putting him thru a lot of tests.