Chuckles is a miniature goat who came here at about 1 year old. He is very friendly and talkative. He lives in the same pen as the sheep and our other goat, Sherlock.

Before we got Sherlock, Chuckles' only companions were the sheep. He is much more playful and higher-energy than they are, and they tended to huddle together as if they were afraid of him, even though they are about twice as large. Sometimes he would charge them, but he never hurt them. Now he instead plays with and hangs out with Sherlock. The sheep pretty much ignore them, and vice versa.

Chuckles' original name was Chuck. He was already neutered when he arrived. He was raised as a farm project by a high school student. The plan was that he would eventually be sold at an auction and ... slaughtered. Luckily his owner took up cheerleading instead and didn't finish her project.

Chuckles was brought here one evening, but he had a rough first night. He cried a lot and got his head stuck in the fence, so he had to go back to his original home for the night. He was brought back the next day, and then he seemed to adapt very well to his new home.

Chuckles jumping off the barrel

He tries jousting with the sheep, but they
aren't interested in playing

Chuckles with Maaa-Maaa (left), Baaam-Baaam (rear),
and Banjo

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