In Memory Of


December, 2014

Chloe was found on Highway 19 during the winter months. A young woman saw her on the side of the road and stopped to give her a half of a sandwich. The woman's father was in the Intensive Care Unit at the hospital, so she was unable to rescue Chloe. When the Journey's End volunteers went to get her, she was nowhere to be found. The woman called later saying that she WAS there and that she had seen her again. The volunteers went back and finally found her. She was cold and starving and had dug herself a hole so deep to try to get warm that she couldn't be seen.

When Chloe was taken to the vet to be spayed, it turned out she had already been spayed, but she needed surgery anyway due to a problem with her intestines being twisted. She must have been in a lot of pain.

At first Chloe had to sleep in a room by herself because she would have barking fits that would set off the other dogs, but soon she calmed down enough to live in the front room.

Chloe loved treats and would seize every opportunity to be the center of attention. However, her mood was very unpredictable, and she would quickly yelp, snarl, and bare her teeth if one of the other dogs bumped into her. She would sometimes approach a person wanting to be petted, but in the blink of an eye her mood would change. Grooming or bathing her was difficult for the same reason. But her fierce behavior seemed to be mainly for show, and she never bit anyone as far as we know.

Chloe lived to be around 17 years old. She finally had trouble getting up and possibly was having seizures, and we knew it was time for her to be put down.