In Memory Of


December, 2015

Cherokee used to belong to a professor at a central Florida university. The professor hired a handyman to do some work for her, but tragically he ended up murdering her. He was convicted of the crime and went to prison. Cherokee had been present when her owner was killed.

The professor's sister lived in DeLand and knew of Journey's End, and she brought Cherokee to us. She said that Cherokee was very shy and usually hid under the bed when she visited her sister, and she almost never saw her.

Cherokee was still a little shy at first, but once she got to know a person, she was very sweet and friendly. She would quietly follow people around and would try to get in on any petting. She was very good-natured and got along well with the other cats. She lived to be quite old and was in good health until the end, although she got thin as she got older.