In Memory Of


June, 2015

Charley in a cat bed

Charley was found by Animal Control as a stray on the streets of DeLand. He was just skin and bones when he was found, and he had a bad skin infection. He had poor eyesight, and he hadn't yet been neutered. He was estimated to be around 12 years old.

The Animal Control officers knew that he had little chance of being adopted at a humane society, so they pitched in their own money to pay his bills at an animal hospital. He had to have frequent baths with medicated shampoo to treat his skin infections. After a few days he was able to come to Journey's End.

After visiting a specialist, he was found to have congestive heart failure. The vet drained some fluid to help his heart function better.

We weren't sure what breed or breeds he might have been. We sometimes affectionately referred to him as a pig-dog because of his turned-up snout. He had an ear-splitting bark.

Charley was very sweet and affectionate, and would gladly follow you around, although sometimes he bumped into things because of his poor vision. He got along well with the other dogs and with cats.

Charley on the floor

Charley gets stroked under his chin

Charley in a pet bed

Charley in the grass