In Memory Of


September, 2013

Charley was born in a puppy mill. Probably due to inbreeding, he was born without retinas and was completely blind. He didn't seem to know he was blind and went confidently wherever he wanted.

He was usually the very first one to sniff treats on any visitors. He always had an insatiable appetite and would steal any dog or cat food he could get into. We had to be careful where we stored garbage so he wouldn't go rummaging thru it in search of food. He loved to sleep on his back, with all 4 legs up in the air.

Charley loved to go for car rides, but only if he could sit in the front passenger seat. Florence tells a story of going to an event with three of the resident dogs in the back seat, one of them Charley. She said that Charley simply would not rest until he could sit in the front seat, so she ended up sitting between two dogs in the back seat for the entire ride.

Charley had a stroke after he had gotten to be quite old. After the stroke, he would sleep almost all day, but then he seemed to recover fully and was back to his usual nosy, noisy self. (He often barked for no apparent reason, especially when Florence was on the phone.) He also had a heart murmur and was on medication for the last years of his life.

Charley lived to be 14. He had spent the previous day at the vet's, and they found his kidney functions were off, but he was able to come home. Florence checked on him throughout the night, and in the early morning, he passed away.

Charley sound asleep on the floor

Charley sound asleep on the couch

He always found the treats