Chachi is a tiny chihuahua who weighs around 5 pounds. A man saw him get thrown out of a moving truck near the town of Astor. The man took Chachi home, but he had no money for veterinary care.

Chachi was bruised and cut up, and there was blood in his urine. Florence agreed to take him in at Journey's End, and he was immediately taken to a vet. The vet found that he had a broken pelvis, which caused the bloody urine. Luckily he didn't need surgery, and the injury healed well on its own. He was also unneutered, but we had to wait until the bone fracture healed before he could be neutered. He was estimated to be around 4 years old.

Chachi is sweet and friendly, and is usually a blur of motion. He lives in the PeeWee room with Louie, Penny, and the other small dogs. When he first arrived, he bonded with Louie and wrestled with him constantly, very much like Louie played with Troubles when Louie first arrived. They got especially playful when Florence or other people they know walked in the room, as if they were trying to show who is top dog. Chachi has slowed down a bit as he has gotten older, but he still loves running around in the yard.

Chachi tells his story in our November, 2011 newsletter.

Chachi plays with Louie's ear while Louie does his best to ignore him

Louie (left), Penny, and Chachi

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