In Memory Of


April, 2009

C.C. had been a feral cat who lived outside the home of one of the veterinarians who often cares for Journey's End's animals. She was too shy to be caught, but during Hurricane Andrew, she had a stroke, probably due to the stress of the hurricane. She came to the door and they were able to bring her inside. She also had a kitten who was found nearby and brought indoors.

C.C. recovered from the stroke, and for many years lived at the veterinary clinic. C.C. stands for "Cougar's Cat", since she often hung out with a cat named Cougar. Her kitten was named K.C., since she was adopted by a lady named Kathy and so she became "Kathy's Cat". (K.C. had diabetes and passed away before C.C.)

C.C. was attacked by dogs at least 3 times, but usually held her own pretty well. She also ran away once, but came back. She got to be very old and the people at the vet's office decided she needed a stable home, so she came here. One day she died suddenly in her sleep.