In Memory Of


April, 2013

Catherine was a chihuahua, probably a purebred, who was around 4 or 5 years old when she arrived. She was found on the streets in Melbourne, Florida, and was taken in by a rescue group, where she lived for several weeks. Some of the people at the rescue grew very fond of her, and were almost hoping she wouldn't be happy here, so she would be returned to them. She was very stressed when she arrived and would try to hide if approached, but she soon stopped hiding and seemed to make friends with the other small dogs.

Catherine had a severe neurological problem that caused her to have trouble balancing. She stumbled and wobbled and fell when she tried to walk. The vets said she had cerebellar ataxia. They said the problem can have various causes, including trauma, exposure to toxins, or cancer, but it can also be congenital, which is what they suspected in her case.

Catherine was always shy, and would sometimes snap at other dogs or at cats, or even at people if they tried to pet her or pick her up when she wasn't ready. She was very active and did her best to keep up with the other small dogs when they ran around in the yard. She loved lap time, and it seemed to calm her down.

Chelsey and Catherine