Casper hanging over the side of the cat bed

Casper was born with shrunken, non-functioning eyeballs and is completely blind. (Powder was born with a similar condition). He came to us as a young adult, around a year old.

Casper previously belonged to a family from St. Cloud. They said they found him in the woods. (Casper had clearly been raised in somebody's home, however; he is very tame and wouldn't have survived long on his own in the woods.) The woman gave him to her son, but he didn't want Casper and was unwilling to keep him any longer. Florence agreed to take him in. They had called him Bumper, but Florence gave him the more dignified name of Casper.

Casper is sweet-natured and friendly. He seems happy and self-confident. He always knows when you're talking to him, and he loves the attention. He lives in the front room in the main house, and he gets along well with the other cats and with the dogs. He loves going outside, but we only take him outside on a leash, for his own safety. He has no trouble jumping on the pool table and the countertops. When he wants to get down, he holds on with his front claws and lowers himself over the edge until he finds a clear path to land on his hind legs.

Casper on the cat-shaped cat bed

Casper resting his head on Aretha

Casper and Aretha

Casper stretched out on a cat bed

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