In Memory Of


May, 2015

Carlos was a chihuahua or chihuahua mix. A lady was driving thru a rural part of central Florida at night and found him along the highway.

At some point in his past life, Carlos' snout was broken, and it never healed properly. (We don't know how it was injured or if he received medical treatment for it.) His snout was quite crooked, and his tongue usually hung out the side of his mouth.

Carlos needed major dental work when he arrived, and he also had severe arthritis in his spine. He sometimes coughed, although he was found to have no respiratory problems. The vet thought the coughing was due to pain from the arthritis. He did much better when we treated him with laser therapy for the arthritis. The vet thought he was around 12 years old when he arrived.

Carlos was sweet and friendly. He loved to be held and to ride in the car. After receiving treatment for his arthritis, he became playful and active and loved running around in the yard with the other small dogs.

Carlos plays with Joey while Ditto looks on